Chicago’s Midway International Airport

Here in the United States, we have entered a “post pandemic” phase regarding the coronavirus. Most restrictions regarding air travel have been reduced. International travelers can expect to witness folks without masks in airports and on flights in the United States.

However, the coronavirus has not been eliminated! The virus continues to thrive and spread! COVID infection rates continue to increase in the United States. However, we have arrived at a point where we must implement public health practices to safety co-exist with the highly virulent coronavirus.

Last week, I had a nice 5 day stay in Fabulous Las Vegas! These photos will show that even during a 26-month pandemic period, Las Vegas remains fabulous!

I followed strict public health safety practices during my 5-day stay. I wore an N95 mask the entire time, except when I was in the privacy of my MGM Grand room. No kidding! I opted out of housekeeping service. I also social distanced as much as possible.

During air travel, so many people were coughing! Folks have forgotten how to cover their mouth! It was horrible! Folks were coughing in airports and on the plane. As mask restrictions have been lifted, unmasked folks are not covering up.

From what I witnessed, about 80% of travelers are unmasked. One can only imagine how many folks were sick with COVID! This is one reason why COVID infection rates continue to rise!

I am fully vaccinated, double-boosted and up to date with my annual flu jabs. Being fully vaccinated and boosted is the only reason why I am able to engage in air travel. Airports and airplanes can be a bit risky!

I also implemented a post-travel routine! I self-isolated for a couple of days, take my temperature every day, and perform the Rapid Test within 48 hours.

I just tested myself and I am negative!

It may be a challenge to remain N95 masked during travels, but folks just have to set their public health safety priority for their personal health and well-being.