My Procedures following Travels to Las Vegas!

I enjoyed my 3-night stay in Las Vegas this week. The time went by fast!!! It was sunny with mildly warm temperatures.

In the US, pandemic restrictions have been pretty much lifted. Masks mandates have been removed in most instances. During my trip to Las Vegas this week, I noticed that about 85% of folks were not masked, including airports and indoor venues.

Please be aware that the corona virus continues to spread. Folks are still contracting COVID. It is very concerning today, because many folks have discarded their masks. I observed MANY folks coughing without covering their mouth at the airports. Folks have forgotten how to be decent.

But, I had on my N95 mask! As a matter of fact, I NEVER removed my N95 mask except when I was in the privacy of my hotel room. I also opted-out of housekeeping service to make sure no traffic would be in my room. No kidding!

Las Vegas remains FABULOUS! I prefer The Strip! Even when I was out and about on Las Vegas Boulevard, I kept my mask ON!

Of course while inside casinos… searching for those lucky slot machines, I kept my mask on at all times, except to briefly sip on my favorite beverages.

The following is my strategy for traveling to Las Vegas:

  • I am fully vaccinated and DOUBLE BOOSTED!
  • I received my annual flu jab less than 1 year ago.
  • I wore the N95 mask during air travel and while in airports.
  • I always took my food to my room to eat, where I was able to remove my mask freely.

My post-travel routine has changed as folks have stopped masking. I have always self-isolated for a few days even though I am fully vaccinated and boosted. I will do the same again with this visit.

I always check my temperature daily on return home.

Now, I will perform the rapid test within 48 hours.

Rapid testing in 48 hours on return home & daily temp checks are must do!

Just remember, we must learn how to live safely with the coronavirus. As folks have abandoned public health safety practices, I have tightened mine as I travel and when I am at home.

Stay safe.