February 2022 was rather cold, snowy, windy, and icy!!

February 2022 was a challenging month! Even though Woodstock Willie did NOT see his shadow, this was a long, cold, snowy and icy month.

Lessons learned:

In order to lose pounds and maintain weight loss, I realize my big issue is portion control. I have to put big effort into this.

I also have to significantly LIMIT my carbohydrate intake. I have to implement a well-planned, strategic approach to limiting carbs.

I also have to eat high fiber like Bran Flakes. This is great for bowel functions.

Skim milk daily is a must.

My Standards:

My Daily Step Goal is  10,000 Steps

My Weekly Goal is: 10,000 Steps Most Days of the Week.

Results for the month of February 2022

Number of weeks out of the month when step goal was achieved: 4 weeks at 100%

Total number of miles walked: 108.5 miles / 174 kilometers

For my fitness standards, I follow the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans…. You should too!

Walktography during February 2022

Walktography” is the art of snapping photos while walking. February 2022 was a long cold, snowy and icy month! Even though Woodstock Willie did NOT see his shadow, February 2022 was a long wintry month! But there were breaks in the winter storm systems where I was able to go out for outdoor powerwalks. I walked to and enjoyed the Chicago Auto Show 2022 and I got in one nice walk to Chicago’s lakefront. Otherwise, my steps were achieved inside my place to WATP and various genres of music.

Best Meals / Dishes for Weight Loss!

February 2022 was so cold and snowy! I had to be mindful of my eating habits. Salads were my mainstay. I have a nice “Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation” salad bowl kit that I was gifted from the American Nurses Association / Illinois Nurses Association. It is so neat! I dined at Olive Garden once with my son. I also love and highly recommend Walmart’s Tomato/Basil tuna pack. So delicious right out of the pack or in a salad.