The Transdemic era has arrived!

During the past 2 years we with lived through 3 phases of the coronavirus. The pandemic with worldwide spread of COVID-19. Now we have improving metrics, so the state of California has announced entry into an endemic phase. I disagree! The coronavirus is still present. Many folks remain unvaccinated and partially vaccinated. So COVID will continue to spread.

Consequently, I believe we are now in a TRANSDEMIC era where COVID positivity rates are declining to the point where we are transitioning out of the pandemic…. progressively.

During the TRANSDEMIC, it is important to remain vigilant on important metrics, calls for additional boosters and personal decisions on public health safety practices.

My Personal Transdemic Plan

My mask will remain in place. I will always wear my mask!

KN95 mask will remain in place within indoor venues!
Public health safety practices to continue
Staying up to date with booster jabs and flu shots!

I will also stay clear of large indoor crowded venues like conferences.

I need to know the vaccine status of those in my company.

So, those are the steps that I intend to follow until the coronavirus has been eliminated like other communicable diseases!

Take care and stay safe!