Las Vegas’ mask mandate ended 2/10/2022

Nevada’s mask mandate ENDED yesterday, Thursday, February 10, 2022.

Due to a downward trend in coronavirus cases, Gov. Sisolak announced Thursday that Nevada’s statewide mask mandate for indoor public settings would lift, effective immediately.

Masks will no longer be required in public places, but there are still some locations where you may be asked to wear a mask,” Gov. Sisolak said, regarding Emergency Directive 052.

For more details, go to Gov. Sisolak’s Press Release for February 10, 2022.

Please be aware that yesterday MANY local governments in the US ended, revised, modified and identified plans to end mask mandates. In my state of Illinois, our mask mandate ends on February 28, 2022.

Illinois’ mask mandate ends on February 28, 2022

My Personal Thoughts on Masking

I completely AGREE with ending the mask mandates in the US!!!  After over 24 very long pandemic months, most of us have followed the science of virology and epidemiology, monitored COVID positivity rates and understand the importance of public health safety practices.

Local governments and public health officials are under extreme pressure to lift mask mandates.  Many have done a great job in keeping their citizens safe during the pandemic.  It is now time for us safely to learn how to co-exist with the coronavirus.  We can do this!!!

We must now learn how to live safely with the coronavirus.

I traveled to Fabulous Las Vegas three (3) times in 2021. I had a ball! My next trip is in March. I am looking forward to it!  This is how I plan to do Las Vegas:

  • I will NOT change my public health safety practices!
  • I will continue to mask with the KN95 masks!!!!
I will continue to mask TOTALLY during my Vegas trips… and everywhere!
  • I will quarantine for 5 days on return home.
  • I will perform the home COVID test within 24 hours after I return home.

Why??? The pandemic continues. While COVID vaccines are safe and effective not enough folks got vaccinated for achievement of herd immunity. Once COVID rates are at the level of diphtheria, polio, chickenpox, smallpox, measles… then I will re-evaluate my masking decision.

Until such time of herd immunity, I will follow public health safety practices for my personal health and safety.