Reflecting on my positives during the 2-year pandemic!

This Baby Boomer never lived through a pandemic. I am an Advanced Practice RN who knows the concepts of infection control and public health safety. So, the 2020 deadly respiratory pandemic really freaked me out! It was difficult and a HUGE challenge for me.

However, as I reflect inside my pandemic cave, I realize some good accomplishments that I achieved during the past very difficult years. Here is a nice list of my accomplishments during the 2020 pandemic…

  1. I immediately became a staunch proponent / advocate for public health safety through my lived experiences.
  2. My adult son and I maintained a sheltered bubble of safety.
  3. As of this writing, my son and I have maintained COVID Negative test results even during the highly virulent Omicron variant.
  4. I successfully developed and achieved a full APN continuing education virtual conference for a national association.
  5. I fully retired.
  6. I became a blogger.
  7. I successfully converted from an IPhone to an Android.
  8. Doing well with the battle against pandemic pounds. I weigh LESS now than I did at the beginning of the pandemic! Yay me!!!
  9. Became a Prayer Line Leader for my church.
  10. Served as a COVID Vaccine Panelist at my church.
  11. Conducted congregational care outreach calls to church members.
  12. Became a trained Vaccine Ambassador.
  13. Achieved fully vaccinated status with boosted!
  14. Successfully completed 4 virtual walkathons.
  15. Achieved weekly 10K daily / weekly step goals during the pandemic.
  16. Transitioned from online engagements to phone call relationships.
  17. First time Uber/Lyft passenger.