Update on my Spring 2022 Challenge

This is not a New Year resolution. Instead, this is a “Challenge” in fitness for me to arrive at a good place by Spring 2022 which is March 21, 2022.

My success indicators in this “Challenge” are weight loss, weekly steps and normalization of blood pressure.

Here are my results:

It has been a challenge! Glad to be successful with each indicator.

I learned a lot during the past 30 days. Portion control is crucial. Even when eating salads with NO dressing, my portion serving size must be controlled. I must eat slow. Limit snacks or eliminate completely. Continue with the “Dry January” concept.

January 2022 has had a fairly harsh winter season, so my walking steps have been done inside my home. Mission accomplished every week! Yay me!!

My next update will be February 21, 2022.

Stay tuned!