We have indeed arrived at the New Normal.

There will NOT be a return to a pre-pandemic lifestyle. There will be no herd immunity so we can NOW start preparing for the New Normal.

10 Short and Succinct Salient Points for the New Normal:

  1. KN95 mask when around others in movement (Grocery shopping, carry-out food).
  2. KN95 masks during congregate gatherings where there is limited movement (indoor events, social gatherings, theaters, seated dining, fitness centers, conferences).
  3. Regular masks when outdoors for solo outings.
  4. Prepare for continued regularly scheduled booster vaccines.
  5. Get the annual influenza vaccine.
  6. Carry proof of full vaccination.
  7. Always carry hand sanitizer.
  8. Check your temperature daily.
  9. Having signs & symptoms of seasonal allergies or the common cold?  Perform in-home COVID test following risky behavior.
  10. Do not compromise your standards of public health safety practices.