Air Travel to and from Fabulous Las Vegas!

What a year! I had to step back and take a pause from blogging due to “sensory overload”! Omicron infection rates increasing, increase in positivity rates at stateside, nationwide workers’ shortage due to COVID and miscellaneous civil stuff happening at local levels was a bit too much.

I think things are more settled now and I am so ready to jet back to Las Vegas!  I cancelled my February 2022 trip several weeks ago.  Currently, I am simply awaiting offers for hotel stays. I think April 2022 will work for me.

For now, here are some 2022 updates for international travelers:

  • Here in the USA, fully vaccinated means 2 COVID vaccines + one booster. However, I did not see “booster” terminology in the CDC travel advisory, so international travelers will need to follow up on their own.
  • Proof of vaccination will be required.
  • COVID testing is required. Check your country for details to enter the USA and return to your home country.
  • The recommended mask in the USA is the KN95 mask.
  • Las Vegas remains under a mask mandate…. Thank Goodness!
  • Be aware that workers’ shortages due to COVID continue, so please exercise patience. However, I have not noticed any concerns in social media posts by actual visitors to Las Vegas.
  • Las Vegas’ airport has been appropriately renamed the Harry Reid International Airport.