It is now time to prepare for the New Normal.

Two very long years in a pandemic cave have been very LONG! Good to finally be able to prepare to safely exit our sheltered pandemic caves.

Scientists, epidemiologists, social scientists, and public health officials have been carefully tracking, trending and monitoring critical events since COVID vaccinations were implemented in 2021.  So, there is a lot of data to signal readiness for the New Normal.  There is a difference between health outcomes for fully vaccinated populations compared to unvaccinated folks.  FYI- There will be NO HERD IMMUNITY!  Forget about it!

We have arrived at a point in time where folks need to face the consequences of their decisions to mask and vaccinate.

In my opinion, the pending New Normal should consist of the following:

  • Regular schedules for boosters just like influenza, but perhaps twice a year for good immunity against evolving variants.
  • KN95 will be the mask of choice for most protection against the respiratory contagion.
  • Hospitals will need to be redesigned healthcare services to redirect resources back to non-COVID disorders.
  • Medical centers will need to create special COVID units where care will be delivered by COVID technicians, and the emphasis will include palliative and hospice care for unvaccinated sick folks.
  • Home health care services will need to step up and implement home visits for mildly symptomatic fully vaccinated COVID clients.
  • Insurance companies to not fund or reimburse unvaccinated folks who develop COVID.
  • No sick time for unvaccinated workers who contract COVID.
  • Indoor venues to required proof of full COVID vaccinations.
  • Mask mandates with KN95 masks for all indoor venues including but not limited to airports, airplanes, fitness centers, restaurants, and theaters.
  • Proof of full vaccination required for students, faculty and staff in colleges and higher education settings.