Fully Vaccinated Must Continue Public Health Safety Practices!

Being fully vaccinated during a raging pandemic will provide some benefits against contracting COVID. The big point of effectiveness is that being fully vaccinated will reduce severe illness that requires hospitalization.

The fully vaccinated should not proceed in life as if we are out of the pandemic.

It is amazing that so many vaccinated folks are contracting breakthrough infections. It is often stated that they are fully vaccinated!  Recently, one very popular talk show celebrity stated she is fully vaccinated, but shocked to have just tested positive for COVID.  So, what could have happened???

Unfortunately, the fully vaccinated “let down their guard”. Many fully vaccinated folks have stopped masking, have been in close physical contact with asymptomatic carriers of COVID, hence the BREACH in established public health safety practices.  Sadly, many fully vaccinated people have stopped public health safety practices.  

Before the fully vaccinated state they are “SHOCKED” at testing positive, they have to truthfully examine where and how the breach in safety took place.

COVID with the dominate Omicron variant is a highly contagious respiratory infection where the contacts of direct contacts spread the infection.

The fully vaccinated must resume the exact same practices that they were following BEFORE the vaccine.  Just remember, there are way too many folks who are NOT vaccinated, under-vaccinated and without the booster jab!  Hence, the contagious population is too too high!

Fully vaccinated folks must do the following:

  • Return to their protected shelter-in-place “bubble”.
  • Avoid folks who are NOT fully vaccinated.
  • Avoid folks where the vaccination status is unknown.
  • Wear the surgical or KN95 mask CORRECTLY when around others.
  • Social distance at least 6 feet.
  • When dining out, keep mask on except when ingesting food and sipping beverages.
  • Stay away from indoor venues, where patrons are not properly masked.
  • Continue stringent hand-hygiene practices.
  • Flurona is evolving, so get that flu jab!
Public health safety practices…. we know the deal. Just do it!