The Spring 2022 Challenge

Please join me in the Spring 2022 Challenge. Many of us are in the start of a harsh winter. So, let us make the best of it. We can set and work toward achieving fitness, wellness and / or weight loss goals by the first day of Spring which is Monday, March 21, 2022. That date is a little over 70 days from today. This is challenge is NOT a competition, but it is a focused personal challenge for success to be achieved by Spring 2022.

Here is how the Spring 2022 Challenge works…

1. Consider a personal fitness, wellness, weight loss goal you want to achieve. It could be step goals, BP normalization, weight loss, abstinence from alcohol or any personal health indicator.

Set and identify your health / fitness goals.

2. Create a spreadsheet, table or chart of your current status for each of your identified indicators.

Create a spreadsheet / tool where you can document your goals and success.

3. Track your progress for each indicator every week or every day. The frequency is up to you.

Track, trend and make adjustments to achieve goals.

4. Plan to post an update your challenge status on January 21st and February 21st.

Plan to post updates once a month

5. A call for Final Reports on the Spring 2022 Challenge will take place on Tuesday, March 22, 2022.

Plan for success!

In the meantime, let us take advantage of the winter season as we prepare to remove our coats in the Spring 2022. We can do this!

Let’s do this!!!!

If you are not in one of the Facebook walking /steps groups, you can engage with me at:


At my Facebook Page … Janet of Chicago @janetofchicago