Counting walking steps really make a big difference!

2020 was rough! I never experienced a pandemic before in my life! I am an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse so; I theoretically understand the concept. But I never experienced living in isolation, lockdown or a “protective shelter-in-place bubble”. That dark isolation for social beings was emotionally difficult.  Enter the unhealthy pounds weight gain!

Pandemic pounds… I hate ’em!

In January 2021, I weighed in and started documenting and trending my health status on an Excel spreadsheet. I had to lose those pandemic pounds and keep them off!

I was pretty successful! By February 2021 I started my COVID vaccinations, situations were great and infection rates dropped. I was getting my 10K steps in daily, the weather was getting warm, my blood pressure normalized, I was doing formal walking marathons and my weight was dropping. Yippee!!!

Unfortunately, too many people remained unvaccinated, so infection rates increased, two (2) dangerous mutants evolved, and I had to return back to my pandemic cave and where the emotional pandemic pounds returned.  However, during 2021, I NEVER missed a single step goal…. NEVER!!! I remained committed to walking 10K steps!!

Enter the 2022 New Year!!!!

On January 2, 2022, I nervously weighed in.  To my SHOCK I did NOT regain as much as I thought!  I was so relieved!!!  So, “Counting Steps Really Matter!!!”

Here are my continued plans for 2022 to get back on track to reach my goal weight:

  • Continue weekly 10K step goal for most days of the week!  Counting steps matter.
  • Manage diet with reduced carbohydrates.
  • No eating after 6pm.
  • No more Pinot Noir.
  • Weekly weigh-in.
  • Check blood pressure.
  • Be creative with a variety of music with in-home steps.

I can do this! Happy New Year!!!!

Yes!!! I’m on it!