I have been jetting off to Fabulous Las Vegas for probably over 20 years. I love Las Vegas and have so much fun there. I mainly go to Las Vegas to play the slot machines. There are so many casinos which allow me to slot hop and casino hop. I have no loyalty to any casino. I only focus on play time at the slot machines. I focus on how long my $20 bill will last. When it’s gone, I out and on to the next casino. The slot hops and casino hops are great because with all of that walking, it’s easy for me to reach my 10K daily steps! Yay me!!

As of January 2, 2022, I counted 26 casinos on The Strip / Las Vegas Boulevard. Yes, I love The Strip! I love the fantasy of pyramids, castles, coliseums, and the Eifel Tower! So many visions of fun!

So many folks rave about Fremont. I went there several times in 2017 to 2019. The crowds were too big. Plus, every handpay I won… I won them on The Strip, never in Fremont. My $20 bill dissipates faster on Fremont than on The Strip!

I love taking pictures, I snapped all of the photos here. I mainly snapped photos outside the casinos. I’m not too cool with snapping photos inside casinos.

List of ALL 26 casinos on The Strip!

MGM Grand – My favorite!
Mandalay Bay, Luxor and Excalibur. Snapped at the NYNY pedestrian bridge.
New York New York
Park MGM

Nice handpay at Wynn, LINQ and Venetian

I enjoyed putting this together to remind myself of all the fun I had in Las Vegas. I am not sure when I will return. I cancelled a nice February 2022 trip due to the soaring Omicron infection rates and extensive illness of flight crews and service workers. So, I’ll just be patient, remain in my pandemic cave and hope that things get better. I am fully vaccinated and boosted. I also got my influenza jab. I adhere to public health safety practices and wear the KN95 mask on the very few occasions when I am around others. Nevertheless, I wait this out. Hopefully situations will be better before the end of 2022.