Omicron pandemic is pretty bad!

Situations around the Omicron pandemic are getting worse. Workers are now becoming ill with Omicron. So, a major “COVID Crippling” effect is happening.  I’ll keep the post short and succinct.

1. Get fully vaccinated.

Two (2) doses of the COVID vaccine are required.

2. Get the booster jab.

Booster vaccines are required to be fully vaccinnated.

3. Get the influenza vaccine!

Annual flu shots are needed!

4. Always wear the KN95 mask while at indoor venues!

Wear the KN95 mask correctly with nose completely covered!

5. Check your body temperature daily.

Fevers tend to be one of the first signs of an infection.

6. Stay out of unnecessary indoor venues.

Get your food to go! Workout at home!

7. Cancel all travel plans.

Workers are sick with Omicron! You will not get the service that you expect!

8. Stay home!

Just stay home.

9. Shelter in place within your protective bubble of safety.

Shelter in place within your protected bubble.

10. Stay informed.

Stay up to date with established sources of science for the lay public.