Airports are packed and crowded today- Monday, December 27, 2021!

Air travel is extremely challenging today! Bad news from coast to coast. Here’s why:

  • You threw caution to the wind and jetted out of town for the Christmas holiday, you spent a whole lot of money which is now low, so spending options are limited.
  • Omicron variant is raging out of control so bad that airline crews and staff are now sick, hence your flight is cancelled.
  • Plus, there are storms across the US, so you just don’t know when you will ever get a flight back home.
  • You cannot return to your hotel because the rates are too high, plus hotel workers are also sick.
  • Now, your stuck at a crowded airport with a lot of sick folks who are coughing and cannot mask correctly.

As soon as you finally get home, go and get tested for COVID-19!