Christmas 2021- The COVID Pandemic Continues.

COVID-19 infections continue to soar with the Omicron variant dominating. The Omicron variant is spreading like wildfire. I am fully vaccinated and have no intentions on even contracting a mild case of COVID!

I approached Christmas 2021 cautiously just as I did in 2020. No in-home hosting. Instead, my delicious homemade dishes were contact-less pick up and curbside delivery.

Christmas Menu

Contact-less Drop-off of Homemade Trays

Quiet Christmas Afternoon & Evening

Christmas Day was spent cooking, preparing trays and contact-less delivery of meal trays. I started cooking at Midnight, did dishes as I cooked so, I was glad to chill by 12pm!  That was a full 12-hour day of work! I spent the afternoon looking at and for my favorite Christmas movies.

Christmas 2021 was a wonderful day! The joy of cooking, good food and public health safety were my plans for the day. For me, my plans these days are to stay safe and respect the health status of others during these pandemic times.