2021 Year in Review of Las Vegas

I am glad to have made 4 trips from Chicago to Las Vegas in 2021. Here is a brief summary of 20 succinct points about Las Vegas based on my personal travel experience. But first, here are my favorite photos that I snapped during my June, July, September and December visits to Las Vegas!

20 Facts About Las Vegas – 2021

1. Las Vegas remains FABULOUS!

2. U.S. air travel is pandemically safe for airplanes and airports.

3. Casino properties where I played are pandemically safe.

4. Hotels on The Strip where I booked stays, have mastered the technology of hospitality.

5. Slot machines remain tight.

6. Beverage service at slot machines is variable.

7. Food remains good.

8. The Monorail Station at Harrah’s has been totally remodeled!

9. The Tram to Mandalay Bay is not fully operationalized.

10. SDX bus line is no longer in service.

11. The very accessible entrance to MGM Grand’s West Wing is now closed.

12. There is a brand-new Pedestrian Bridge at Park MGM.

13. The Olive Garden restaurant on The Strip is now open.

14. CVS and Walgreen’s are giving The ABC Store competition!

15. Some Casino Cashier Cages are now managing player’s cards.

16. Taxicabs now have flat rates to and from Harry Reid Airport.

17. Las Vegas’ very busy and popular airport is now the Harry Reid International Airport.

18. Boarding passes are no longer required at Harry Reid International Airport’s TSA checkpoints.

19. Las Vegas was extremely hot in July.

20. Las Vegas was extremely cold in December.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New Year!