Week of December 13, 2021 – Achieving my 10K steps in Fabulous Las Vegas!

I jetted off to Fabulous Las Vegas this week of December 13, 2021 for a 3-night stay. As the weather is usually warm to hot in Las Vegas, I always include powerwalks to achieve 10K steps everyday.

My walks start on my travel day. I never use moving walkways. In airports I walk from the time I enter until I am at my gate. Now, that’s a lot of steps, but still under 5K. Once I arrive and check-in, I continue getting my steps.

Everyday, I remain connected to the to many walking groups and I will reply with the steps I achieved each day. This week was great as I already exceeded my weekly step goals. I will do my usual report. But, for now, enjoy the photos that I snapped this week while getting in my 10,000 steps in Fabulous Las Vegas.