Las Vegas Boulevard – Tuesday, December 14, 2021

My 2nd day in Fabulous Las Vegas. Sunny morning, slots are tight and the weather is cool. So, my main focus is to do “walktography” and stay out of the tight casinos. So, many photos taken today.

It is my opinion that Las Vegas is BACK! I saw many early morning joggers on The Strip, so that was a big signal. I did not notice many vagrants as compared to June, July and September. But, the temps may be a bit chilly for homeless and vagrants to be on The Strip.

I did not see many, if any children on The Strip. Maybe vacation is over and they are back in school.

Spent a little time in Park MGM. I wanted to get Kimchee, but the restaurant does not open until 5pm. Not much happening in Park MGM. Just played briefly.
Not many Christmas decorations. I think this Christmas tree display was in Park MGM

Stay tuned! A lot more to come!