I opt out. Does not take much for me to tidy my room.

Years ago, it was unheard of to not have housekeeping services in hotels. But, I clearly recall that as a conference attendee, Caesar’s Palace had this option about 5 years ago. It was in exchange for meal coupons. I took the option and later realized that I do not need meal coupons. I do not do that type of dining.

Later other hotel properties offered the same opt-out offers, but I rejected as I did not need the meal coupons.

When Las Vegas reopened in 2021, opting out of housekeeping services is ideal for me. I do not need a deal or offer. Just tell me the procedure and I’ll opt out.

During this ongoing respiratory pandemic, I just do not want employees entering my room. Be it at home or in Las Vegas, I keep my mask on all all times except when in my abode. My Vegas hotel room is my abode. That is the ONLY time I remove my mask. So, I appreciate the opportunity to keep my room with low exposure / low risk.

Housekeeping does a great job. So, its best the work where they are needed… but not in my room.

My room on arrival. Neat, clean and very nice!

I’m usually on the casino floor when in Vegas. My room does not get too messy.

Nice mattress and nice bed. Not too messy.

Okay, I just finished straightening and tidy up my room. I’m good!

Time for me now as I am always ISO that lucky slot machine. LOL!