Good-bye McCarran and Hello Harry Reid

I am so happy that yesterday, Monday, December 13, 2021, I was able to make a historic and landing for the very last time into McCarran International Airport.

Effective today, the Las Vegas airport has been rebranded as the Harry Reid International Airport. Harry Reid was an awesome U.S. Senator who did an outstanding job in serving the State of Nevada and the entire U.S.A. Senator Reid did a lot to expand and improve Las Vegas’ very busy airport.

Furthermore, I am one of the very few folks privileged to land into McCarran International Airport and flight out of Harry Reid Airport in just one week.

Yay me!

Here’s my final flight into McCarran International Airport

My very last ever landing into McCarran International Airport

Here are some still photos of my last landing at McCarran International Airport.

I kept my Southwest boarding pass that has McCarran Airport printed on it. That is definitely a keeper. I’ll do a post later this week that will also show my Harry Reid Airport printed on it. The FAA airport code will remain LAS


Stay tuned!