Finally!!! A few Illinois casinos coming to Chicagoland!

It’s great to hear about Illinois casinos finally opening in and close to the city of Chicago!  Finally!  I enjoy going to casinos. In about 1992, I went to a convention in Peoria, Illinois. During downtime, I went to a Peoria riverboat casino. So, I have been doing the casino thing for a very long time.

I enjoy casinos because I can go there alone and just play some slot machines.  There is NO engagement with others while playing slot machines.  So, I love it. I love the horns, whistles, lights, sounds, music and ambiance in casinos. 

However, I am not a fool!

Don’t be foolish going into casinos!

I have a realistic relationship with casinos…. I know I am NOT going to hit a jackpot. I am NOT going to break the bank and the bank is NOT going to break me! I always keep this reality in mind.

For many years, I had to drive long distances to reach casinos. Mainly I would go to Joliet and nearby Indiana.  But the tolls are too expensive and the playtime on a $20 bill is lousy.   Nearby Indiana casinos used to be fun, but the slots are now too tight for me.

For the past 15 years, I just jet off to Las Vegas about 6 to 9 times every year. I do way better in Las Vegas than in local casinos.  Let me repeat… I do way better in Las Vegas than in local casinos!

Me all geeked up having fun at MGM Grand or NYNY in Fabulous Las Vegas!

I am watching for the opening of the following nearby Chicago casinos:

  • Homewood – Hazel Crest area
  • Waukegan

I will give both a one-time trial.  I do not go to casinos to lose money or to have limited playtime on my $20 bill.

I am patiently awaiting announcement of the Chicago casino. I will also give it a try.

Awaiting the first casino INSIDE the city of Chicago!

Be mindful that all local casinos are in competition with Las Vegas. Fabulous Las Vegas offers many choices with slot machines and casinos. Plus, my hotel room stays are comped.   When in Las Vegas, if a slot machine is tight, I cash out and hop to the next slot machine.  After a few hops, then I am off to the next casino. I am an Olympic World Class slot machine and casino hopper. I know how to do this. I’ve been hopping around Las Vegas for many many years.

All local area casinos are in competition with Fabulous Las Vegas!

I do not like the current local casinos as they are a little distance, I feel I am held captive and cannot simply hop to another casino many miles away.  But, I can indeed casino hop in Vegas. 

Be mindful that I am turned off with Illinois’ tight casinos.  Hammond’s casino got too tight this year.

I really do not like the State of Indiana. Their COVID test positivity rates are too high.  Republican states are nasty. I prefer to stick with Illinois where we have good public health safety practices.   I would even MORE prefer a Chicago casino. This lifelong Chicagoan loves her city.  Let’s see how a Chicago casino will compare to Fabulous Las Vegas’ casinos.

ISO casinos INSIDE the city of Chicago!