I just love the Las Vegas skyline!

There’s a major climate contrast between Chicago and Las Vegas. There is also a major difference in the ambiance comparing Chicago to Las Vegas. Hence, I am just so excited as I look over my balcony into Chicago’s night sky as I prepare to jet off to Fabulous Las Vegas.  Chicago is looking very gloomy, gothic and overcast during these pre-dawn hours.    I know right now, Las Vegas is jumping even though it is chilly right now.

I love the escape from reality that I can ONLY find in Las Vegas. But, I am a realist.

  • There are no castles… but I love the sight of Excalibur.
  • There is no Emerald City…. but I love the sight of MGM Grand.
  • No such thing as a Roman Colosseum… but I love the awesome building structures at Caesar’s Palace.
  • A Pyramid and Sphinx… Ha…. But I just love the Luxor iconic property.
  • New York City Skyscrapers and Statute of Liberty?… But, I love NYNY!!!!
  • No such thing as Volcanoes on The Strip… but I love that façade of the Mirage.
  • Eiffel Tower???  I love the Paris Las Vegas buildingscape.
  • A Circus?… Hmm….let’s skip that. LOL!

Plus, I appreciate the abundance of casinos and slot machines. I enjoy my hops to slot machines and casinos. I love the options and competition is good!

The bottom line is that whatever is happening in Chicago and in the world… a trip to Las Vegas tends to make things better. Such a wonderful escape.   It’s always great to be on the way to Fabulous Las Vegas!

Las Vegas, I’m on my way!!!!