Reckoning: “The time when your actions are judged as good or bad and you are rewarded or punished.”

From my direct observations, Christmas 2021 will be a period of reckoning. People are social beings and the needed limitations on socialization over the past 2 pandemic years have been too much to handle. Despite the fact that we are in a vicious COVID winter surge, test positivity rates are increasing, there is a shortage of hospital beds and the evolution of mutant Delta and Omicron variants, folks have made conscious decisions to engage in risky social gatherings for Christmas 2021.

I have already seen photos and heard of plans for Christmas gatherings. So, despite warnings from public health officials, the outlook seems bleak for the 2-week period after Christmas.

The urge to socialize, the drive to connect with family and the need to be part of gatherings have all exceeded the need to protect personal public health safety. 

Hence, COVID test positivity rates will skyrocket in January 2022.  Here’s 10 reasons why…

1. People have “pandemic fatigue” and have opted to celebrate Christmas within indoor social settings where masks will not be worn.

2. The pandemic is so bad worldwide that many European countries are on lockdown! Yet in the US, folks are oblivious to the reality of the current infection surge.

3. There are too many variables for vaccine status: Fully vaccinated with booster, under-vaccinated and un-vaccinated.

4. The time is over to get vaccinated for Christmas. It takes 2 weeks for the vaccine to be fully effective. There are NOW less than 14 days until Christmas.

5. Hosts will not require testing of guests. It’s too intrusive. Plus COVID + guests will be resentful.

6. Sick folks with symptoms of COVID will not pass up a Christmas gathering. They will arrive with low grade temperatures and will not disclose feeling “sick”.

7. Social distancing will not be enforced. Have you ever seen a group selfie where everyone in the photo is masked?  Probably not!

8. Most folks do not mask correctly.  This is bad news for a deadly respiratory transmitted infection.

9. When guests sit down to dine, masks will be removed immediately.

10. People are in denial and have made deliberate decisions to approach Christmas 2021 as if the pandemic was not worsening!  Listen up people, the pandemic is BAD, BAD, BAD!!!

I conclude the only three (3) simple recommendations for the 2021 Christmas holiday:

1. Stay up to date with public health safety and science to make informed decisions.

2. Stay within your protective bubble of public health safety.

3. Get fully vaccinated to reduce the severity of COVID once has been contracted.

Merry Christmas & Stay Safe!