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Importance of COVID-19 vaccines and boosters!

As a Vaccine Ambassador, I continue to advocate for folks to get vaccinated for COVID-19 and the booster shot! I had hoped that by 2022, the US infection rates would have flattened by now. But, coming out from Thanksgiving and heading towards Christmas, the infection rates are surging. Plus the coronavirus has mutated into the Omicron variant which is highly transmissible.

The current situation of the pandemic is very dynamic from so many perspectives. But, I am glad to keep up with all of the evolving information. It is my observation that there are three (3) simple points that Vaccine Ambassadors should consider during education and advocacy. I’ll keep this real simple.

3 Points to Emphasize for Vaccinations

1. Reports show that with breakthrough COVID-19 infections, those who are fully vaccinated tend to have milder symptoms.

2. When fully vaccinated folks contract COVID-19 infections, they tend to not require to be hospitalized.

3. If fully vaccinated folks contract COVID-19, they are usually eligible for in-home infusions of monoclonal antibodies.

In-home infusion of monoclonal antibodies.

These are my three (3) salient points that I will focus as I continue to advocate for vaccinations as a Vaccine Ambassador.