Let the Countdown to Fabulous Las Vegas Begin!

Yes! Yippee!!! I have started my countdown to my December 2021 Las Vegas trip. I am so excited because I love love love Las Vegas!

Yes, I love Las Vegas!

I enjoy sharing my Las Vegas travel experiences with others in social media. I have been jetting off to Las Vegas many times each year for over 20 years ! So, I know Las Vegas.

Looking forward to my upcoming travel day to Las Vegas!

I share my experiences through descriptive TRIPREPORTS and blogs. However, I am not a desktop blogger… I actually travel to Las Vegas to experience it firsthand and write about it with awesome photos. As a matter of fact, in 2018, I jetted off to Las Vegas 9 times that year. Now, that’s a lot!

Currently, I am preparing and counting down for my December 2021 trip to Fabulous Las Vegas. This will be my 4th trip in 2021. I had to take a pause in travels due to the pandemic. So, with my 4th trip, here are 10 steps that I now following in preparing to jet off to Las Vegas…

10 Points that I Follow to Prepare for Vegas…

1. Check the weather forecast. There is usually a stark difference between the weather in Chicago compared to Las Vegas. But, with global warming, the differences are becoming a bit fuzzy. I cannot be sure that Las Vegas will be warm in December. I cannot be sure that Chicago will be bitter cold. So, I just go online and check the 10-day weather forecasts for both cities.

2. Select / organize wardrobe. Well, no flip flops for Vegas in December, that’s for sure. But a warm hoodie and sweatpants should do just fine.

3. Log into your airline and hotel apps via your mobile device. Apps will ask for user IDs and passwords. So, I log in just to make sure I can access later. Plus, it’s important to update apps and check for changes in check in. With the pandemic, some hotels require a health assessment 24 hours before arrival.

4. Clear out space on my mobile device for photos. My TRIPREPORTS include photos of interest. Folks do not want to see a lot of selfies. Instead, it is important for me to capture the ambiance of Las Vegas with descriptive photos.

5. Check, review, revise and update itinerary. Important to update flight information and include venues of interest. Its Christmastime and folks want to see photos on how Las Vegas properties decorate.

6. Confirm mode of transportation from airport to hotel. Taxicabs at McCarran now have flat rates… Thank goodness. So, I have to NOW have cash for fare and tips as appropriate. Just remember to add $1 to the flat rates as the Nevada Taxicab Authority and McCarran Airport have not yet updated their signage to reflect the increase rates.

7. Verify updates on the pandemic for travel requirements and mandates. The Omicron variant is spreading fast. So, many cities are updating restrictions based on vaccination status. So, at the least, I have my vaccine card in an electronic format. Plus, I am aware that Las Vegas has a mask mandate… thank goodness!

8. Pack extra masks and hand sanitizer. I have my KN95 masks which are BORING! So, I’ll wear a fancy outer mask over my KN95 mask. YEAH!

I think this is a stock photo, but I got plenty of Vegas masks!

9. Review Facebook’s Las Vegas groups for current and new venues of interest. World’s Famous Las Vegas group (Thank you Renata) shared the tram schedules. So, I’ll have to remove Mandalay Bay from my venues to visit. The trams will not operate during the dates of my visit. Sigh… I really wanted to tram to Mandalay Bay.

10. Start online / mobile check ins for airline and hotel the day before departure. This is important! If traveling as an “early bird”, you will want your room to be ready soon after landing at McCarran! Make sure to check your email and check in on the app.

Okay for now… I’m back to Dreaming about Las Vegas. Stay tuned!

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