Coronavirus, Delta variant and Omicron mutant

Being fully vaccinated requires continued public health safety practices in order to reduce the severity of illness due to COVID. Regardless of if it is COVID-19 or mutant variants of Delta and Omicron, people really need to get fully vaccinated!

Get fully vaccinated.

I have noticed that in recent months, so very many folks have stopped masking and are approaching life as if the pandemic is over. The COVID-19 pandemic is very far from being over. Increasing infection rates indicate that flattening of the curve has not yet occurred. Thanksgiving was the first indoor Fall 2021 holiday. Too many folks remain unvaccinated, yet they have been unmasked at indoor Thanksgiving events. Sadly, right after Thanksgiving, the Omicron variant arrived at Stateside within a few days!

Omicron variant arrived at Stateside.

Despite arrival of the highly virulent Omicron variant, folks continue to go to indoor venues like galas, parties, celebrations, special events and proudly sharing photos in social media. Guess what…. folks are NOT MASKED in those shared social media photos!!!!

A huge popular indoor convention took place in NYC November 19-21, 2021. A convention attendee returned home to Minnesota from the 3-day convention and tested positive for the Omicron variant. Now it is being reported that 15 of his friends have also contracted COVID!

Here is the big point on COVID risk… regardless of the variant…

Being unmasked in an enclosed area where others are not fully vaccinated or unvaccinated is a BIG RISK!

To reduce the risk of contracting COVID, folks need to commit to the following:

1. Correctly wear the KN95 mask.

2. Fully vaccinated is both vaccine doses and booster vaccine.