This is the Toys R Us that I remember

I am just so happy that I was able to shop for many years at Toys R Us as my son was growing. These huge brick & mortar buildings were spacious and filled with toys. Toys R Us made it convenient for many parents to go to one place for Christmas shopping!

So sad with Toys R Us closed

I remember when Toys R Us closed in 2018. By this time, my son was an adult. But, I felt so bad for young parents who depended on this business for Christmas shopping.

Yesterday I did “walktography” at Macy’s on State Street. As I was reaching my 10,000 steps, I saw that Toys R Us in now back but inside of Macy’s. It was nice to see Geoffrey, but I think this Toys R Us will not be the same as the old brick & mortar stores, I shopped in various communities.

Just now, I am getting word that a new flagship Toys R Us will be opening out east in New Jersey. It seems like it will be an upscale, high-end entity.

Artistic rendition of the new Toys R Us

Best wishes to the re-imagined Toys R Us.