International travels to Las Vegas in 2022

Please be aware that details on the highly virulent Omicron variant are evolving. This mutant variant only became public knowledge only 5 days ago. Travel restrictions with closure of borders globally are being enforced globally. Please be aware that the views in this blog are my own. I am simply speculating like others.

This topic is so very important to me as I have a travel destination group in Facebook.  The name of my group is Adults In Las Vegas. Many members are from countries all over the world.

My international group members are fantastic. They were so very excited when the US lifted international travel restrictions on Monday, November 8, 2021. Many started making plans to return to Fabulous Las Vegas in 2022.  I was so very happy for them.

The Omicron variant has resulted in many countries closing their borders. So, international travels will be restricted. I do not know how long or how extensive will be the restrictions, but I offer the following advice to international members in my group. 

My personal recommendations

  • Get fully vaccinated!
  • Get the booster vaccine!
  • If your country offers flu shots… take the flu jab!!!!!
  • You will need to satisfy ALL vaccine requirements at least 2 weeks before travel to the US.
Get fully vaccinated BEFORE you start planning for travel.
  • Plan to implement strict quarantine / shelter in place / protective bubble starting 2 weeks before departure to the US.
Stay in your safe protective bubble!
  • Plan for COVID testing before departure to the US.
  • You will need to remain fully masked at your airport and during the long-haul flight.
  • Las Vegas is under a “Mask Mandate”, so you will need to remain masked at McCarran, during transport to your base hotel and the entire time until you arrive in your hotel room!
Las Vegas is under a “Mask Mandate”!
  • Remember to wear your mask correctly and cover your nose!!!!
Cover your nose!
I actually double-mask while in Las Vegas.

I live in the US. I traveled to Las Vegas in June, July and September 2021. I remained fully masked with the KN95 the entire time, even when I was outside!  The only time that I removed my masked was when I was in my hotel room eating! No kidding. The coronavirus and pandemic are serious matters.

The KN95 mask. I highly recommend!

Be aware that you are at risk whenever you remove your mask in public venues. This is why I eat in my room. However, I am able to eat while masked. 

Beware of risks when removing masks. I’ll leave it right there.

So, before you dine out and decide to remove your mask to eat, just remember that your country will require you to get tested before you return home. 

Think twice before removing your mask.

I believe travel will be better in 2022 with vaccines, mask mandates and public health safety practices.

Public health safety practices- vaccinate, mask, hand hygiene and safe distancing.

Make sure to stay informed regarding international travels.