The Omicron Variant

It’s almost December, 2021 and we will be going into the New Year with a continued pandemic. The Omicron variant has just surfaced, so it does not look like the pandemic will be ending anytime soon.

I watched local and national news all day yesterday. Evolution of the Omicron variant reflects a New Normal. As folks resist vaccination and boosters, the virus will continue to mutate. Furthermore, folks continue to push back against established public health safety practices.

I have accepted the reality of the pandemic extending for maybe 3 years. There have been too many problems. Anti-mask, anti-vax, refusal to mask correctly, incomplete vaccination status, conspiracy theories, rejection of science and human nature at its worst! All of these factors have contributed to prolonging the pandemic with evolving variants almost every 6 months. With that, here are my tentative plans for 2022.

Pandemic Plans for 2022

Continue public health safety practices. I have a good supply of masks, including the KN95. So, I’m good.

Continue trips to Las Vegas. Air travel is deemed safe. I solo travel. I eat in my hotel rooms. So the KN95 mask never gets removed. Its important that I continue my trips to Vegas as that is pretty much the only time that I am around others.

Avoid fitness centers. Folks will remove masks as they workout in these enclosed venues. I know this. No sense getting membership into a high risk setting. Forget about it. I’ll just do my workouts at home.

Continue physical activities for fitness. Even though I have equipment at home, I have to be creative in achieving my 10K steps on most days of the week. I have to locate decent venues. Its now cold in my city. Going outdoors is not an option. I just have to get 10K steps in before 10am.

Limit indoor gatherings. This was an epic fail for me in 2021. Its human to be social but the risks are just too high for me. I’ll be fine.

Avoid indoor venues. Keeping this to a minimum. Mainly grocery shopping. That’s about it.

Commit to future booster vaccines. This pandemic may not end during my lifetime. Too much hate and resistance.

Climb deeper into my pandemic cave. I will be here for quite a while.

The Pandemic Should Have Subsided By Now!