Beware of scamers coming via Messenger Chat!

During the past couple of years, I have received 3 chats through Messenger from fake profiles of Facebook Friends.  I never took the bait, because each chat was suspicious!

3 reasons to be suspicious:

  1. Each FBF had never chatted with me before. So, it was strange to get a Messenger notification.
  2. Each conversation was extremely vague and general.
  3. Each chat concluded with a money scheme.

I suspect many folks are falling for the scam. This meme came through my Newsfeed.

This informative meme came through my Newsfeed.

That was a great meme. Yesterday, I received a Chat Notification via Messenger. It was so strange. I know the person, but the chat was very weird.

I asked the Fake Profile a simple question.  Here is a screenshot…

Part of the Fake Profile chat I received yesterday. Note my replies in BLUE.

The Fake Profile could not answer my question and abruptly left the conversation!

I advise everyone to not fall for the bait and be prepared to challenge the scammer.