COVID- The Omicron Variant

The Omicron variant is a concern. It seems to be a highly contagious variant. Foreign travel is being suspended pretty much globally. Countries are expeditiously closing their borders to prevent outbreaks.  This is not a game.  Word of this new variant only surfaced on Friday, November 26, 2021.

I was not surprised to hear of a newly evolved variant as folks in many countries have carried on as if the pandemic was over.

Here in the US, no cases of the Omicron variant have been reported… yet. More than likely Omicron is already spreading in the US, but it has not yet been detected or reported.  There are many issues here in the US. 

Problems in the U.S.

Americans have been horrible with efforts to control the pandemic.  Here are some examples of how Americans have resisted controlling this 2-year pandemic.

No Public Health Plan– Trump reportedly deleted President Obama’s national protocol to prevent the spread of contagions.  The Obama Administration was successful in preventing Ebola from arriving at Stateside.

Hoax– Trump ignored the virus. He went as far as to call it a “Democratic hoax” as people were dying from COVID.

Hoax haters

Rejection of Science– Trump publicly rejected science as the approach to combatting COVID. Allow me to remind you of his recommendations…

Poor Leadership– Trump rarely wore a mask.

Trump rarely wore a mask!

Anti-mask– Too many Americans pushed back from masking.

Anti-vax– Too many Americans continue to push back from getting vaccinated.

Anti-vax folks!

This weekend I needed to just get away for Me Time.  I went to a nearby Indiana casino. What I witnessed was awful.   About half of the folks were without masks.  Those who were masked had their nasty nose exposed.  I cannot believe that after almost 2 years in a respiratory pandemic, folks still do not know how to wear a mask the right way.

Too many folks do not cover their nose with mask!

I have no suggestions.  I am just so disappointed in folks. Time to retreat back DEEP into my pandemic cave.