Wear the mask!

COVID positivity rates are up. We have entered a COVID Winter Surge. We are also in Flu Season.  What an awful trifecta of sorts!

COVID is a highly contagious and deadly respiratory disease. Wearing a mask to control the spread of this dangerous respiratory disease is crucial towards ending this pandemic.

The Respiratory System

I am speaking as a Registered Professional Nurse with 45 years of experience.  I am also a board-certified Advance Practice Clinical Nurse Specialist. My clinical background is in surgical nursing, burn care and infection control. I even spent about 1 week in CDC many years ago for training as an Infection Control Nurse.  So, I know about masks.

Masking is very important!

For many many years, the standard of practice in U.S. hospitals has been to place a surgical mask on respiratory isolation patients when transporting them out of their room. It worked for many years.

Now, during this respiratory pandemic, folks need to mask whenever they are outside of their homes. Masks must be worn correctly.  There are NO exceptions.  Once a mask has been removed for ANY reason, the respiratory pathogen becomes airborne and spreads through the environment.

The correct way to wear a mask.

Examples of situations when to wear a mask:

  • When out dining, once the mask has been removed, the respiratory pathogen spreads.
  • When out drinking, once the mask has been removed, the respiratory pathogen spreads.
  • When at the fitness center, once the mask has been removed, the respiratory pathogen spreads.
  • When inside any indoor venue, once the mask has been removed, the respiratory pathogen spreads.

It does not make a difference what is the activity, ONCE THE MASK HAS BEEN REMOVED, THE RESPIRATORY PATHOGEN WILL SPREAD. There are no exceptions!!!!!!  The coronavirus is NOT selective!!!!  Regardless of what is being done, once the mask has been removed, the virus will circulate!

I have been noticing that many public officials have removed their masks when being interviewed in public.

I have also noticed that many people have been interviewed for news sources with masks being worn improperly.  Folks must make sure the mask covers their nose and mouth!!!!!

Wear the mask when being interviewed on TV!!!!!

Types of masks

Basically, there are only three (3) types of masks that should be worn. A surgical mask, KN95 mask and KF94 mask.

Surgical mask:  Used in hospitals for many years on patients with respiratory diseases as well in operating rooms.

KN95 mask:  These are more containing and more confining.
KF94 mask:  These are less containing, less confining and often used when outside.

How do I go about selecting the type of mask I’ll wear?

  • Within any enclosed/indoor venue:  KN95 mask.
  • Outdoor solo powerwalks:  KF94 mask or surgical mask.
  • Outdoor open venues where there are many folks:  KN95 mask.
Another reason why we mask.