We have 7 weeks remaining in 2021. I have a public health safety tip for each remaining week.

November 2021

We are approaching the middle of November 2021. We have 7 weeks remaining for 2021. President Biden arrived with a promising COVID Action Plan. President Biden has done a great job!

As of today, we are witnessing a 15% increase in COVID positivity rate in the US. We can do better. The increase seems to be due to Halloween parties/gatherings, waning of initial vaccine effectiveness and continued pushback from anti-vax folks.

As we are entering a winter surge in infection rates, let’s keep things simple and do the following…

1. Get the vaccine booster shot.

2. Take the COVID vaccine shot.

3. Remember it is influenza season, get the flu shot!

4. Mask up CORRECTLY when out of your home.

5. Limit the size of holiday gatherings.

6. Know the vaccination status of your close / direct contacts.

7. Follow stringent hand hygiene practices.