We have arrived at the New Normal

During the end of summer 2021, there was chatter as if we were at the end of the pandemic. Infection positivity rates were down. The weather was warm, sunny and folks were exiting their pandemic caves.

At the same time, there was continued push back against masking and vaccinations.  Now, we are entering the winter season with cold weather and yes… a winter snow system is in the forecast.  So, folks are returning to indoor gatherings unvaccinated and without masks. 

Anti-Mask Protestor

Currently COVID infection positivity rates are increasing. Too many breakthrough infections are occurring.  Unvaccinated individuals are causing the increased positivity rates. Folks have become too laxed.  We will not see the end of this dangerous and deadly pandemic any time soon.  Forget about it.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues with possible winter surge

The following points are the New Normal from now until the spring of 2022. We have about 6 months. Hopefully by June 2022, things will be improved.

  1. Get fully vaccinated.
  2. Receive the booster vaccine.
  3. Get the flu shot.
  4. Mask Mandates must remain in place.
  5. Masks must be worn correctly.
  6. Continue stringent hand hygiene.
  7. Social distance at least 6 feet when possible.
  8. Indoor conferences / venues must be reassessed with options for remote platforms as the standards of practice.
  9. Temperature scans must continue.
  10. Know the vaccine status of your direct / close contacts.

Welcome to the New Normal.  We have already arrived. The New Normal will not be normal. Get used to it. Stay safe.

Welcome to the New Normal.