Fremont / Fremont East / Downtown Vegas

I usually book my stays in Las Vegas on The Strip. I’ve done it this way for many many years. But, in recent years, I started taking the SDX to Fremont for casino fun. SDX was fast with fewer stops than the Deuce. So, I was able to enjoy the best of both worlds… The Strip and Fremont.

In 2019, I booked a stay at the Golden Nugget. I had a great time staying on Fremont. But alas, the pandemic hit and no travel for me. When I returned this year to Las Vegas, RTC had not resumed service to SDX, so no Fremont for me for a while.

There is a huge difference between Fremont and The Strip. The Strip is more for us tourists with the awesome buildingscapes, spacious casinos and luxury! Fremont is mainly for gaming, concerts and the fun of Street Performers! In terms of winnings, there is no difference between Fremont and The Strip… from my experience.

But, I will make plans to book a stay there in 2022. In the meantime, here are a few photos from my previous trips to Fremont. I’ll snap more photos in 2022. Enjoy!