My photo-journey from MDW to LAS over many years.

I have been flying into Las Vegas for well over 20 years. I really enjoy my travels to Las Vegas, each and every time.  When I am not in Las Vegas, I have Las Vegas on my mind.

Dreaming of Fabulous Las Vegas when I’m not in Fabulous Las Vegas.

I become totally excited about going to Las Vegas beginning with my brief drive to MDW. I am an early bird, so I arrive very early at MDW when not too many travelers are there.

The flight from MDW to LAS is not bad. Just a little over 3 hours and 40 minutes from gate to gate. Usually the flight arrives a bit early… Yippee!

3 hours…. not bad at all. I also follow the nice Flight Tracker!

There is nothing much to see from my window view at 39,000 feet. The Midwest is often overcast and when I am not sleeping, I look for changes in the landscape alerting me when closer to the arid landscape in the southwest.

Now, this is when I start getting geeked and excited. THIS is the changed landscape that I have been waiting to see for the past 3 hours!

Yippee!!!! I am getting close to Las Vegas!!!!

Final descent starts at about 40 minutes out of McCarran International Airport. Usually at this point, the route flies over Lake Las Vegas…. Which up until this year, I thought this body of water was Lake Mead. LOL!

Shortly thereafter… about 4 minutes out from McCarran, I usually can view this awesome landmark- The Wheel of Fortune … or the Wheel of Misfortune.

I am always watching for the Las Vegas skyline.  I am just so excited!!!  I am usually booked on The Strip, so I’m watching to see my hotel.

These landing photos are just so cool!!!!

Reverse thrust!  I have arrived to Fabulous Las Vegas!!

Reverse thrust!!!! I have arrived in Fabulous Las Vegas!