Holiday Air Travels for 2021 – Get ready!

We are rapidly approaching the BIG trifecta holiday season!  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year!  Such a warm and exciting time of the year.  2021 is very different. The Fall / Winter holiday season for 2021 is so much better and different than one bleak year ago.   Thanks to public health safety and safe, effective vaccinations, we are able to start a New Normal with the exciting Fall / Winter holiday season.

But, something is quite different and a bit unsettling about the 2021 holiday travel season.  I have been following situations closely for the past month. Allow me to give some pointers to help folks prepare for long overdue travels this holiday season.

5 Pointers for the Fall/Winter Holiday Season

  1. Air travel is rather messy right now. I am not sure who are the culprits. Most major U.S. airlines have encountered at least one major snafu since this summer.  I strongly recommend that folks have a PLAN B!
  2. Be prepared to mask up the entire time while in the airport.  Airports have maintained the mask mandate to ensure safety.
  3. Be prepared to remain masked during your entire flight. FAA has mask mandates while flying.  Flight attendants, airlines and FAA are not playing games.  You would not want to get banned from air travel… right?
  4. Make sure you have access to your “proof of vaccination”. This includes the booster vaccine for travelers who are eligible.  It is not required… but you know…
  5. Get your flu shot!  Thanksgiving is about 3 weeks away. You have time.