A review of my favorite fried chicken joint!

Long time favorite!

Church’s Chicken is my very favorite fried chicken joint. I have been going here for many many years. I am so happy that Church’s Chicken held up to the test of time.

I remember years ago, competitors criticized Church’s as having “mysterious wings”. Ha! Church’s was smart! They knew how to cut into the chicken breast that resulted in a large, delicious wing portion! I love Church’s chicken wings…. and their fries are good too!

There are only 2 Church’s that I go to. The one on 59th Street and the one in the one on Jackson in the Illinois Medical District. Both are always busy, even well before the pandemic. I never had a complaint about the food. When chicken joints are always packed, you know they have good food! But the one at 6 W. 59th Street is my go to Church’s Chicken.

Church’s Chicken, 6 West 59th Street, Chicago, IL

At the right time of day, this popular Church’s has convenient parking as seen. There is also a drive thru window. Sometimes its quick and better than going inside to place order. I used to go here once a week to pick up lunch for my beloved sister. Right now, we are in a pandemic, so indoor eating is not allowed…. Thank Goodness!!! Its a rather desolated area, so some seedy folks like to go there asking for money.

Church’s Chicken…. Remains my favorite and I highly recommend!