COVID Booster Vaccines

I have received four (4) vaccines in 2021. I am a Vaccine Ambassador, so it is important that I step up fast to demonstrate that which I advocate. I got fully vaccinated in February 2021, received the flu vaccine in September 2021, then 2 days later, I jetted off to Fabulous Las Vegas (irrelevant, but I just love Vegas), then just last week I received my booster vaccine.

Getting my initial COVID vaccination.
My 2nd COVID vaccination
Receiving my my annual influenza vaccination in September 2021
Receiving my Booster jab last week!

As a Registered Nurse / Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, I have been receiving the annual flu vaccines for many years. My ethos has been to never place a patient at risk, so I always readily got my annual flu vaccine. Its the right thing to do as a professional nurse. Hence, my standard of practice has been to always clear my calendar for 2 days following vaccinations to ensure good rest in the event of an adverse reaction.

Following my booster shot, I rested as usual, but this time I needed a couple of extra days before I felt refreshed. So I rested 3 full days to allow the vaccine to do its job! With this, I am positioned to offer the following advice based on my lived experience.

Advice from this Vaccine Ambassador

I experience NO adverse reactions or problems following the booster vaccination. However, I offer the following advice to help folks prepare:

  • Clear your schedule for at least 3 days following the booster shot appointment date. You may need to enjoy a few extra days of rest until you feel re-energized.
  • Take care of groceries and make sure you are well supplied with fluids.
  • On the day of your booster shot, make sure you have completed household chores and food prepared before leaving home. You may want to lay back and rest on return home.
  • Let family members know you will be getting the booster and tell them you will chat a few days later. This may help to ensure uninterrupted rest.
  • Select your favorite streaming videos, YouTube videos, DVD’s and TV shows to enjoy for the next few days.

I hope this has been helpful. It is really a great sense of accomplishment to be fully vaccinated! Remember, “fully vaccinated” now includes having the booster if you are deemed eligible.