2 Pzifer vaccines, 1 influenza vaccine and 1 Pzifer booster vaccine for me. A total of 4 “jabs”.

Whew! I got several vaccines in 2021! It’s important for me to stay safe and contribute to stopping the spread of transmissible diseases that can result in epidemics and pandemics. 

As a product of Chicago Public Schools, I’m used to the vaccine routine. As a registered nurse, I have been taking the flu vaccines for many many years. I still do not understand what is all the fuss about! Anyway, let’s revisit 2021!

February 2021

I received two (2) COVID vaccinations spaced out by about 2 weeks. Thank goodness President Biden was in office and the muzzles were removed from CDC, NIH and FDA!  I have good faith in the effectiveness and safety of the vaccines. I even completed training as a Vaccine Ambassador here in Chicago, because I want to encourage others to get vaccinated in order to stop the spread of the deadly COVID-19!

Getting my first Pfizer vaccine back in February 2021.
2 to 3 weeks later, I got my 2nd Pfizer vaccine.
I was so proud to be fully vaccinated! Glad to have done my part in this effort!
Infection rates dropped! My mask stayed UP! I continued my public health safety practices.

September 2021

The Fall season has arrived and so did flu season! Great! Okay, now I have to hurry and schedule MD appointment for my annual flu shot! Influenza is not a disease to take lightly. It is serious and very dangerous. I never waste time and always get my flu shot before the disease starts spreading.

At my MD’s office getting my annual influenza vaccination.
3 days after my flu shot, I’m jetting off to Fabulous Las Vegas! Yeah!

October 2021

There’s a whole lot of chatter about the booster vaccines right around this time. Looks like I am in the eligible population. I received the link from my healthcare system and immediately made an appointment for my Pfizer booster vaccine.

Glad I’m finished. There’s no need for folks to rush and get the booster vaccine. ONLY those who are eligible will be allowed to get the booster shots at this time. It is important that children, students, and those in other countries who are less fortunate than us to start getting this promising vaccine. It is likely that ineligible folks may never need to get boosters. In Illinois at this time, our infection rates are really dropping.

Let’s be hopeful and see what happens. In the meantime, stay safe and VACCINATE!

FYI, I plan to continue public health safety practices….

Our important public health safety practices- hand hygiene, social distancing, masking and vaccinations.