I have been a Vaccine Ambassador since July 2021

There have been so many updates to my fundamental approach as a Vaccine Ambassador since July 2021!  It has been amazing!  When I completed the training and started in the role, my focus was mainly to encourage folks to get fully vaccinated so that we all could win this battle against the COVID pandemic.  This will remain a constant!

As 2021 progressed, the Delta variant become dominate with breakout infections among the vaccinated. Hence, it was important to remind vaccinated folks to remain vigilant of their contacts and remain mindful of public health safety practices.  FYI- I never stopped wearing a mask, even though I am fully vaccinated.

Public health safety practice guidelines should continue with the vaccinated.

In October 2021, booster shots were approved for specific segments of the population. Now, I make sure to communicate the importance of booster vaccines for eligible individuals. 

Also, pediatric dose specific vaccines are approaching approval by FDA, so stay tuned.  This is great news for schools nationwide!!!  Just a side note- This “Baby Boomer” recalls the “gun” used in schools back in the 1960’s for mass vaccinations.  It worked!!  So, this is nothing new.  I just simply ask public health officers to NOT bring back the vaccine gun!  That contraption was scary!!!

The vaccine gun! UGH!
That contraption was scary!!!

Now, we are approaching Flu Season.  Influenza is a horrible disease to contract!  It is horrible and miserable. So, as a Vaccine Ambassador, I now include the importance of folks to step up and also get vaccinated against the flu.  The flu is nothing to play around with.  Influence vaccines are now being recommended for folks to take at the same time as the COVID vaccine.  But, I got my flu shot early, when it was recommended to have them spaced.  Glad I did!  I need to keep these vaccines separated! 

Get your flu shot!!!

So, here are my updated approaches as a Vaccine Ambassador:

  • Get fully vaccinated against COVID!
  • Vaccinated folks must remain mindful of breakthrough infections, so continue public health safety practices.
  • Get the booster vaccine, if eligible.
  • Parents should be preparing children for COVID vaccinations.
  • Remind everyone to get their annual flu vaccine!

Stay Safe and Get Vaccinated: COVID & Flu!