Welcome BACK to Las Vegas! The iconic signage at Terminal 3, McCarran International Airport!

Welcome back to Las Vegas International travelers! In less than one month, U.S. borders will reopen to international travelers. We remain in a pandemic, but with sound public health safety guidelines and practices, you should be assured of safe travels back to Fabulous Las Vegas!

After 18 long pandemic months, I resumed my travels back to Las Vegas this year in June, July, September and one more in December. Hence, my key points to international travelers are based on my personal and many recent travel experiences to Las Vegas. I am not a scofflaw and I follow local public health safety regulations. I follow the law and would never suggest breaches in US law and public health safety practices.

10 FACTS for a Fun and Safe Las Vegas Visit!

  • US borders reopen on Monday, November 8, 2021! Yippee!!! Start planning your return trip NOW!
  • Masks must be worn during flights in US airspace. This is an FAA requirement.
  • Masks must be worn while in airports. This is a federal law.
  • There is only 1 bus shuttle service from McCarran Airports to hotels. I will not mention the name, but you will see it on arrival. You may even want to check McCarran’s website.
  • Taxicabs NOW have flat rates to and from McCarran Airports to Strip hotels. Check Nevada’s websites. Be reminded to add $1 to the rates as the last time I checked they had not updated the website, they increased that fast. LOL!
  • Las Vegas is under a “Mask Mandate” so masks must be worn by EVERYONE while within indoor venues. See the above photo.
  • Many hotel casinos have security kiosks at entrances where masks and hand sanitizers are available. So, no excuse for noncompliance.
  • Some Strip hotels offer “opt-out” for housekeeping services to limit risks of excessive exposures.
  • There is a worker’s shortage in the U.S., so you may still have to make reservations for dining.
  • Elevators / elevator banks are now very secured. In many properties, guests must have a room key to access.

Las Vegas remains the Adult Entertainment Capital in the World! It is really a very safe place to travel. The infection rates are not bad at all. Just follow the above 10 points and you should have a lotta fun fun fun!!!

Welcome back international members and travelers!