Back to the fitness center maybe?

It is October 2021 and I believe we are approaching the end of the pandemic…. but we are not quite there yet. I am blogging on a very chilly Saturday morning and giving more thoughts to my approach for working out this winter.

I am rather bored. I powerwalk on most days of the week. But, I have exhausted all of my walking routes and its getting rather boring. I am ready to get my booster and head back to the fitness for treadmilling. I miss the fitness center. I kind of enjoyed being around others… until the coronavirus arrived at Stateside.

We seem to be emerging out of the pandemic. Science, mitigation with infection rates, the vaccines and folks committed to public health safety have all made a big difference. It was not through happenstance that we are gradually emerging out of the pandemic.

I received the following promotion from the fitness center where I did not renew my membership. WOW!!!! What a disappointment! What is wrong with this photo?

What were they thinking when they used this advertisement????

We are still amidst a deadly respiratory pandemic! Workouts within indoor venues are controversial. Fitness center management are required to enforce wearing masks among patrons in my city! I am totally put off because the models in the photo should have been masked!

I had wanted to stop in and visit the un-named fitness center to see for myself. But no need to do that. This advertisement is clearly showing their thoughts on masking.

Also, I just did the math…. last year, my monthly rate was $20.75! That will result in a $60 yearly increase. I know fitness centers lost money during the pandemic, but to pay much more money in a high risk indoor venue, is not the way I will go. Management will not be able to assure me that folks will be masked.

No way! Count me out! I’ll just continue doing the following as I did last winter:

My in-home workout system during inclement weather.
  • WATP- This DVD has been my favorite for many years. It worked for me during the winter of 2020.
  • Mini-Stepper- I order this nice little item in November 2020. It worked in helping me achieve 10K daily steps.
  • Ancheer treadmill- I ordered from Walmart. They sent a mechanic out to my home to assemble. This was great.

Winters in my city are horrible! Outdoor powerwalks are not an option. So, I was sad to have received the promotion showing patrons not masked during the pandemic as they did indoor workouts.

So, I’ll just still to my current successful in-home system!

By the way… the cost they advertised is not a saving. Paleeeease!