A photographic insight in my 2nd summer in a pandemic.

Reflections on the Summer of 2021

A quiet time for reflections on two strange summers!

We have just completed another summer in the pandemic. Thanks be to God we made it! Amen. I am wondering, how are folks doing? The summer of 2021 was so interesting and very different than 2020. I think we witnessed the hope of exiting a horrible pandemic. Three promising vaccines were approved in the U.S. President Biden established a wonderful goal for Americans to be vaccinated. Many of us were fully vaccinated by the start of the summer season. Vaccinations are so very effective that in many states, the infection rates are declining. In June 2021, many of the restrictions were eased! Thank goodness, Chicago was becoming alive again!!!

Lollapalooza returned!
The Chicago Auto Show returned in July! Yippee!!!

There were all types of carnivals, festivals, music venues, theaters and sports events! Yes, fans were back in the stands!!!! 2021 had a vibrant summer! Now, this is the city, the tourist areas of Chicago. My question is…. what did you see and what did you do in your Chicago neighborhoods? This is what I saw on Juneteenth and the 4th of July. I am not being syndical, I just saying it is was it is. Lots of fireworks heard throughout so many neighborhoods. Okay, I’ll shut up and show you what I saw in my area.


This was the first celebration and boy was it exciting. Juneteenth is actually my birthday and I am happy to share my birthday with this well deserved day of celebration. I went out to an Aurora casino, got home later than usual. I was barely able to get into my parking lot. So many cars, crowds and SMOKE! Check this out…

4th of July

About a week later, there was the BIG fireworks holiday. Here is what I saw…

How was YOUR summer of 2021?

Inquiring minds want to know. I hope it was fun and safe!