I snapped this photo and the following photos because this sight made me just so very happy!

I had been powerwalking around the area as the weather started to finally get warmer. 2020 and 2021 had difficult and dark years. The coronavirus infection rates were soaring. By March 2020, Illinois had a disaster declaration for a “shelter-at-home” mandate or maybe even lockdown. To stay safe, folks had to avoid gathers, clusters and essentially stay home. The goal was to keep people from gathering in large groups at playgrounds since the city’s parks are often the setting for pickup basketball games.


This caring confrontation took place back on May 2, 2020

Shortly thereafter, all of the basketball hoops were removed from Chicago Park District basketball courts. It was a visual reminder of no public gatherings during the deadly respiratory viral pandemic.

Return of the Hoops

As the weather warmed, I resumed my walks at the running track adjacent to the basketball courts. Lo and behold!!!! On June 15, 2021 all of the basketball hoops had been returned! The State’s infection rates had significantly declined and it was now time to slowly approach a “new normal”.

I noticed the return of the hoops immediately and wasted no time in snapping the following photos.

So June 15, 2021 was such a wonderful day as the State’s infection rates were declining and it was safe to re-install basketball hoops to the Chicago Park District basketball courts!!!

October 2021: A Hoop Month to Remember!

Yes, the “hoop”, the basketball hoop is just so very significant to the city of Chicago!