Black women and bonnets I just don’t get it!

I have been wearing hair bonnets for years. I buy mine from the beauty supply stores real cheap! They are so nice when used as intended…. for sleeping! Hair bonnets are for holding hair in place during sleep. They should never be worn outside of one’s home.

In recent years, I noticed Black women wearing hair bonnets in public. But, I was like…. ‘eh…. whatever. They are in their neighborhood, doing Walmart runs or grocery shopping in FairPlay Foods. No big deal as women have started wearing pajamas in Walmart…. those are kind of cute. LOL!

My concern is that Black women have dared to wear sleeping bonnets into airports for travel. Since when have airports become “low-end”? Airports are no longer prestigious as they used to be due to low cost air carriers, so attire has become casual, not ghetto!

Mo’Nique was right!!!! Black women have lost their minds. Wearing hear bonnets in airports is a sign of “surrender”!!!! It signals the refusal to do any hair care… just put on the bonnet and get on with it! Horrible!!! Please remember that bonnets are for sleeping, not for air travel!!!

Here is what I’m talking about….

Now, I am not referring to the glamorous, adorning, lovely hair bonnets. I am talking about these cheap sleeping hair bonnets.

Let’s stop this insanity and disgrace!!!! #Moniquewasright!