Our poor beloved Planet Earth is very ill with the Corona virus infection.

We are accustomed to emerging diseases. But COVID was not managed by Trump. Hence this country and the entire world entered into a very deadly, devastating pandemic. We know about the consequences, but this blog will just chat about life during the COVID pandemic.

Public Health Safety Practices

Because the deadly virus is spread through the respiratory system, it was important to adopt stringent public health practices such as masking, hand hygiene and strict disinfecting. It seems that for some reason, folks have pushed back from wearing masks and face shields. Not me! I ran out FAST to purchase N95 respirators and surgical masks. The shelves were rapidly being depleted!!! A bit later, I ordered my masks online.

Shelter In Place / Lockdowns

Shelter-In-Place / Protective Bubbles

Shelter-In-Place and staying in one’s established protective bubble was so important. This was the point where I entered my Pandemic Cave for 18 long months. Pretty much, my bubble consisted of me and my son. Everyone knew of the importance of protecting “self”. These were very dark days and very necessary.

Enter the Virtual World

I made the major conversion from the real world to the virtual world early in 2020. I taught nursing lectures via Zoom, attended church services via Zoom, and I attended continuing education conferences through virtual platforms. You know, conferences love to pack attendees big time. But, I made the decision to not ever attend in-person conferences. Just too risky even looking forward. Folks cough to much for my comfort. When restrictions were limited, I briefly resumed in-person worship. But, then the Delta variant arrived. So, I returned to my pandemic cave with weekly donations and Zoom remote engagment.

Holidays During the Pandemic

I used to have my immediate family over for all the holidays. But, that came to an abrupt halt. I have a 2 bedroom condominium which is nice and small. We have been asked to have no more than about 4 folks in our condos during the pandemic. But, I love cooking. So, I continued cooking, but I instead packed the meals and did the contactless delivery at the entrance of my condo. Here’s how it happened…

The Promise and Hope of the Vaccine

This is my main image. I was so proud to be fully vaccinated. Plus, I am a Vaccine Ambassador in Chicago.

I was glad to receive the vaccination under the trusting Biden Administration. By May 2021, the effectiveness of the vaccination was apparent. I decided to connect with other vaccinated individuals… to a limit. But, transmission of the coronavirus and Delta variant is complicated!!! So, I am just glad to get vaccinated while continuing public health safety practices. By the way… I just got my flu vaccine a couple of weeks ago!

Emerging from the Pandemic

The pandemic is NOT over. But, being fully vaccinated and following public health safety practices will allow us to transition to a “New Normal”. Here is how I have been safely rolling…..

So, I’m just taking things slow, easy and as safe as possible.

Stay safe folks!