My second trip back to Las Vegas after 18 very long pandemic months. I hope you enjoy my July 2021 photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. My hotel stay was at my very favorite MGM Grand!

I was more observant of pandemic changes during my second visit as compared to my first visit back in June 2021. The changes were awful! What happened to my Las Vegas???? I noticed the following drastic changes:

  • The homeless “vagrant” population had entered high-end casinos. I saw a homeless person camped inside the entry of Resorts World. A vagrant sat at a slot machine in the dark at Planet Hollywood with a cap on his crotch. A homeless woman boldly approached me for money while I was playing slots at MGM Grand.
  • The homeless population is extensive and many many more than usual were sleep on Las Vegas Boulevard and at the entrances of venues that had not reopened.
  • A homeless woman asked me for money early one morning while I was powerwalking. It was at that moment I realized that conference attendees and conventioneers were not back yet. Most folks on Las Vegas Boulevard were locals, vagrants and the homeless. That would be my last time for early morning powerwalks on The Strip.
  • Many eateries were closed such as Blue Ribbon Chicken, White Castles and most coffee shops were closed. MGM Grand has many Starbucks, BUT only the Starbucks in the front lobby is opened.
  • RTC is concerning as the SDX is not yet back in service. The Deuce is slow and very packed and congested. I used to only take SDX to Fremont. So going Downtown is out for a while.
  • The tram to Mandalay Bay is closed. So, I was not able to visit this resort. The walk is too far especially in triple digit temperatures.
  • Beverage service at the slots remains poor at many casinos.
  • The food court under McDonald’s next to Harrah’s is closed. But, thank goodness the McDonald’s is opened…. with somewhat of a long line. But, the line moves fast.
  • Masking is required for the unvaccinated. But, most people, especially the unvaccinated, are not masked. The honor system does not work.
  • One thing that has not changed is the the slot machines remain tight! Believe that!!!

Photos from My July 2021 Trip

This is just a sample. I did not snap photos of the folks in unfortunate situations in life. That is not my style.

I hope you enjoyed my July “walktography” in Fabulous Las Vegas. Las Vegas is healing and will do well. Please check out my September 2021 blog!!!! Thank you!